Wrap & Pack Guide

Updated Monitor (AIR PILLOWS)

Follow our packing guide below to ensure your all-in-one system makes it to our facilities safely.

Step 1

Your box will include 3 bubble packs, a roll of tape,  return instructions, and a return shipping label.

Step 2

Begin with the smallest bubble pack and secure the base of the monitor.

Step 3

Wrap the 2 larger Bubble packs around the edges of the monitor to fit snugly.

Step 4

Pickup the wrapped All in one and place in the provided box.   It should fit snug with no parts freely moving around the box.

Step 5

Fold in each of the four flaps of the box. Seal the box using the provided tape.

Step 6

Once the box is secure, take the provided return shipping label and place it over the existing shipping label on the box. It is important that no part of the previous shipping label is visible.

Your box is ready to be shipped! Use the return options on the sheet included in your package to either schedule a pick-up or find a drop-off location.


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