WC Phone Inspection

Grade Descriptions

EPC Grading Based off Damages Policy

Purpose:  This policy explains EPC equipment grading and is intended to be used by EPC sales staff to explain damages to their customers.  The policy defines EPCs use of the different sellable grades (A, B, C, and N) for processed equipment.

Grading.  EPC uses grade A, grade B, grade C and Grade N to differentiate the condition of its available product.  Grades are not solely based off cosmetic damages and often several damages on a product type can downgrade it from one grade to another.  All wholesale and retail pricing reflect discounts for damages or shortcoming for a particular item.

Below are the different grades a customer can expect to see and a list of damages that fall under those grades:

Grade A:  Minor scratches or wear from normal use.  Example damages that a “grade A” item might have:

Missing a rubber foot (PC or Notebook)
Minor scratches (All product Types)
Shiny keys (Notebook)
Minor wear on mousepad or palm wrest (Notebook)
Computrace Installed and enabled (PC or Notebook)
SN doesn’t match chassis (PC or Notebook)

Grade B:  Damages that are greater than normal wear and tear.  Example damages that a “grade B” item might have:

  • Items missing: example AC adapter, HD, RAM, Optical drive, covers, antenna, cords, etc. (All Product Types)
  • Case Damages – Discolored, excessive staining, latch broken, minor dents, or scratches, Stickers or locks not able to be removed, faceplate damage, touchpad or keyboard excessively worn, missing base.
  • Screen damages – Minor blemish, scratches or minor dim video. Deficiencies you wouldn’t be obvious when the notebook or AIO is on.

Grade C:  Multiple grade B damages or more severe damages. Example damages that a “grade C” item might have:

  • Case Damages – Major scratches, dents, cracking discoloration, broken parts or noisy fans
  • Screen damages – minor and major blemish, scratches or dim video that would be noticeable when screen is on. Dirt under the screen or multiple dead pixels as well as pitting or other abrasions.  Some more major screen blemishes might be grade C as long as they do not affect the ability to use the monitor

Grade N:  New items or items that have not been used and are still in sealed packaging.  Note:  Some grade N items can be in open packaging due to the package being opened for the purpose of EPC processing.  This is generally annotated in the notes section of the audit.

Notes for damages:

  • Damages that state damaged or removed always figure that the items will not be included
  • All Hard Drive damages result in the HD being pulled and not included
  • Multiple grade B damages can cause an item to be grade C