Testing Procedure Information

Epc tests all equipment in accordance with “The e-steward for Responsible Recycling and Reuse of Electronic Equipment: Version 3.1, and Version 4.0” Fully functional testing includes-


The Data Erasure Software tests for the following components

    • Hard Drive
    • RAM
    • Power Supply
    • Optical drive
    • Cooling Fans Functioning
    • Back Lighting

Screen Burns & Screen Gauges (Visual Inspection)


The Data Erasure Software tests for the following components-

    • Hard Drive
    • RAM
    • Power Supply
    • Floppy Drive
    • Optical drive
    • Cooling fan functionality
    • CMOS battery functionality

LCD/ Plasma Monitors and TVs

Power on testing & visual inspection is used for the following:

    • Color
    • Contrast
    • Pixels
    • Back lighting
    • Screen Gouges

Printers/Fax Machines/MFPs

Power on Self-TEST (POST)

    • Hard Drive if present
    • Print a test page
    • Verify paper feed functioning
    • Light carriage is functioning


Power on Self-TEST (POST)

Circuit Boards & RAM

Insert into test computer

Cell Phones

Power on Self-TEST (POST)

    • Test Call
    • Screen
    • Speaker
    • Keypad