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Mobile Repair: Not Just Phones and Tablets

Mobile Repair
05 October, 2020 / Jenny Lott

You are likely familiar with our Mobile Repair department. Our mobile technicians work hard every day to give our customers’ phones and tablets a longer life. This is good for multiple reasons: it saves the customer money, and it keeps old devices out of landfills.

But phones and tablets aren’t the only thing we repair in the Mobile department. We also repair another device many customers have but don’t even attempt to have repaired: gaming consoles.

By nature, gaming consoles are hard not to replace. When a new iPhone model comes out, you don’t necessarily have to replace your phone to keep using it. However, once a new gaming console comes out, many times you must buy it to keep up with new games.

Replacing a console doesn’t necessarily contribute to the growing e-waste problem. Online marketplaces on Facebook and Craigslist are full of used but working consoles at a reduced price, giving others who can’t afford the newest model a chance to enjoy some games. But what happens when your console is broken?

You may be tempted to throw it away, especially if a new generation is coming soon. But getting it repaired would allow you to continue using it or pass it on. EPC’s technicians offer video game console repair services. We work hard to diagnose the issue and fix it to get the controller back in your hands.

If your console is truly gone, you still shouldn’t throw it away! Bring it in, and we’ll recycle it at no cost to you.

Call today at (636)443-1999 or come to our St. Charles showroom to take advantage of this service!